Spanish Immersion

Spanish Immersion Preschool

Our children are introduced to Spanish through linguistic immersion. This method allows children to feel comfortable rather than confused and pressured. We introduced language in a natural way through daily interactions, the same way a first language is learned. This creates and environment in which Spanish is not a subject matter.

The daily interaction with native Spanish speaking teacher and fun and engaging activities throughout the entire day allow children to acquire the language in a natural way, just like they do it at home with their first language.

Starting at 4 years old, we introduce Mandarin Chinese and French, taught by native speakers of the respective language.

Starting in Kindergarten, students begin the Dual Language Program, where they spend half a day learning in English and the other half learning in Spanish while continuing with their weekly practice of Mandarin Chinese.

The different nationalities of our teachers create a rich multicultural experience since children not only assimilate the language, but also the different cultures from various countries, which allows them to develop an open and tolerant mind.

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