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Alianza Eco International School

Spanish Immersion Preschool - Houston

The distinctive seal of Alianza ECO International School is its successful system of Spanish immersion and its dual language program.


Our students are introduced to Spanish through linguistic immersion. This method allows children to feel comfortable rather than confused and pressured. We introduced language in a natural way through daily interactions, the same way a first language is learned. This creates and environment in which Spanish is not a subject matter.


In order to achieve a maximum level of Spanish proficiency our youngest students, ages 3 months to 3 years old are completely immersed in the Spanish language by our native Spanish speaking teachers. Daily activities and interactions throughout the entire day allow students to acquire the language in a natural way, just like they do it at home with their first language.


Starting at 4 years old, we introduce Mandarin Chinese and French, also taught by native speakers of the respective language.


Starting in Kindergarten, students begin the Dual Language Program, where they spend half a day learning in English and the other half learning in Spanish while continuing with their weekly practice of Mandarin Chinese and French.


Students learn through experiences and integration. We use story time, singing, dancing, arts and crafts, drama, puppets, free time in centers, gymnastics, and recess to help children develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, order, sequence, confidence and concentration. Through this approach, our students are achieving bilingual and bi-literate fluency in both English and Spanish in all academic areas.


The importance of Language Immersion


The learning process in various languages improves the flexibility and dexterity of cognitive processes and general reasoning.


The sooner a child is exposed to other languages, he can learn more than one language simultaneously in a natural way, achieving excellent pronunciation and instilling in his brain, for ever and effortlessly, the structures of the languages to which he is exposed.


The advantages of learning at an early age are extremely valuable and carry on into adulthood. Children learn through experimentation and their natural curiosity to try new things.


This works in all areas of development and language is not different. When children interact in an environment where they hear words in a different language, they learn the language like their own mother tongue. The brain compartmentalizes each language , enabling students to learn various languages without mixing them up.


Why Spanish Immersion?


In a globalized world, the acquisition of other languages is key to ever the labor market and it facilitates integrations in different aspects.


According to recent studies, Spanish as well as English and Mandarin Chinese have become the most influential languages worldwide. Many cities in the U.S. are increasingly being exposed to the Spanish language and culture. Through Spanish Immersion, children will have numerous advantages that surpass bilingual.


On the other hand, with a multicultural and pluralistic education, we educate students that value and respect cultural diversity which creates an environment of tolerance and solidarity.


Focus on Cultural Diversity


The different nationalities of our teachers create a rich multicultural experience since children not only assimilate the language, but also the different customs and cultures of different countries, which allows them to develop an open and tolerant mind .

Spanish Immersion

Reggio Emilia Methodology
Infancy to pre-k are fully immersed in Spanish
Age 4 introduced to French and Mandarin Chinese once a week
Kindergarten- Bilingual English and Spanish, French and Mandarin weekly


Alianza ECO International School

12603 Louetta Rd #112, Cypress, TX 77429



Alianza ECO International School

1806 Avenue D Ste 102 Katy, TX 77493