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Alianza Eco International School

Program Overview

Alianza is dedicated to expand the access of exceptional students to an education of the highest standards.


We provide different learning avenues to all our students. As part of our general education initiative, we offer a Spanish language program where children are immersed in the Spanish language while they participate in ample learning experiences.


Alianza strives to give our students a solid academic foundation. Each of our schools emphasizes the importance of academic excellence as well as instilling in our students a sense or responsibility combined with leadership skills, promoting a community based and a more a global commitment.

Alianza is part of an educational approach that measures success not only by academic achievements, but also by how students apply what they know to make the world a better place. Our students develop a foundation in ethics and in the acceptance of differences and plurality of diverse communities.


We believe that the emotional experiences that a student has in the early stages of his life are fundamentally important in his development, since these are years with the highest potential to develop interests and special talents. Therefore, these years should be used to its maximum extent to offer children learning opportunities.


Our project offers a specialized service for a harmonious, full and integral development. We aim to achieve academic excellence, valuing play as teaching tool, since it is through play, that a student develops creativity and flexibility of thought.


We work to develop students with the ability to think critically and creatively. We guide their emotional and physical growth so that the are ready to flourish in an increasingly more international, social, ethnological and entrepreneurial world.


We establish a clear organizational frame that allows for the construction of daily relationships within an environment of love, respect, communication and happiness.


Our Curriculum supports Six Early Learning Goals:


  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Cognitive Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development


We developed a balanced curriculum that meets the needs of our students, who learn through fun and meaningful experiences. All of our learning spaces are provided with carefully chosen materials that stimulate students’ creativity and discovery in the areas of Art, Language, Maths, Science and early literacy.


We consider each student as an individual taking into account his needs, age and previous experience. Our units are based on our six learning goals. Instruction includes a wide variety of songs, games, stories and discovery games.


In this stage of their life, children develop their personality, character and value system. For that reason, our goal is to help them develop a conscious mind capable of telling right from wrong.


As a school where the goal is to educate to transform our world, it is our commitment to provide the children with an international mind, well organized, educated, obedient, responsible, and exhibits virtues and attitudes important to develop positive personalities. Such emphasis on character helps our students to become self confident mature adults


Emilia Reggio methodology, aligned with IB standards and NAEYC
Unique Spanish Immersion Program since infancy.
Dual Language program in Kindergarten (Spanish/English)
Native Spanish speaking teachers.
Small groups (low student-teacher ratio)
French and Mandarin Chinese since pre-K
Reflexive learning guided by students’ questions and personal interests.
Active learning based on exploration, play and peer relationships.
Social and emotional education ( that fosters high self esteem)
Innovation and Creativity ( Art, singing, dancing, technology and Physical Education included in our curriculum)
Environment friendly programs


Alianza ECO International School

12603 Louetta Rd #112, Cypress, TX 77429



Alianza ECO International School

1806 Avenue D Ste 102 Katy, TX 77493