Spanish Immersion Preschool

Alianza Eco International School is a Spanish Immersion Preschool that offers an extensive curriculum, inspired by the world famous Reggio Emilia approach – an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education. This remarkable program allows us to provide an elite education to children ages 3 months through kindergarten, where students are permitted to make their own discoveries, and become more receptive to the learning environment.

Spanish Immersion Preschool in Houston, Texas Metro Area

We are proud to bring Alianza Eco International School to the Houston Texas area. We specialize in complete Spanish immersion for children 3 months old through Kindergarten.

Our program is especially important to those families that would like to give their children the added benefit of a bilingual education which will offer the child added advantages in life as they get older. Learning a second language at a young age is extremely advantageous and preferable to waiting until the child is older.

We have a very low student to teacher ratio and all of our teachers are certified native Spanish speaking. The curriculum at Alianza combined with our talented teachers provides the very best environment for learning spanish. Our parents are almost always surprised at how quickly their child can learn a second language.

In addition our Spanish Immersion program is very important to those families who may be from a Hispanic heritage where English is not the first language in the home. Enrolling their child into a bilingual program ensures that their child maintains their skills in Spanish and brings this into the home with their family while they learn english with their friends and playmates in the world around them.

Reggio Emilia

Our unique program is inspired by the world famous Reggio Amelia approach which allows for optimum learning for the child where they discover and experience the world around them. Reggio Emilia has been found to be one of the most effective programs during a childs early years of development, especially for preschool age children. The Reggio Emilia philosophy does not believe in forcing a child to learn but instead allows them to learn for themselves at their own rate by developing curiosity and working cooperatively with their classmates and teacher. This learning philosophy inspires the child to develop a deep curiosity and wonder about the world around them, and in effect teaches them to love learning.

Environmental Education

One of our fundamental core values is to teach our children how to live in the world around them and to respect the environment by following good practices of recycling, reusing, conservation of water and electricity, and keeping the world around them clean. We believe that it is very important to instill these values in our children at a very young age.

By combining these 3 core areas of learning, we believe Alianza Eco International School is the finest spanish immersion preschool program available in the Houston Texas area. We currently have 3 location in the Houston Texas Metro area including Cypress, Katy, and Spring Valley, with 2 locations currently under construction in Cinco Ranch and The Heights.

We invite you to visit us! Choose one of our locations above and either give us a call or click on Schedule A Tour to set up an appointment with us, so you can come see what Alianza Eco International School has to offer your family and children!

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