Environmental Education

Environmental Education


Childhood is the best time to start acquiring environment-friendly behaviors. At Alianza we are firm believers that, through education, we can contribute to improving the environment. We have a program that implements a participatory approach that generates awareness and behavior change in our children and the school community, so that they become catalysts for change in our society.


At Alianza we believe that early childhood is the best time to start acquiring habits and behaviors that will last a life time. If a child understands the importance of collaborating in the tidiness and cleanliness of his space, as well as taking care of natural resources (by turning off the light when exiting a room or turning off a faucet after using it) he assumes a spontaneous and permanent commitment.

The three thematics units to be studied in Preschool are:

  • Tidiness and Cleanliness
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Water and Energy I: Introduction to the care of our natural resources.


  • Alianza teaches environment-friendly behaviors
  • Education is vehicle for change to improve our environment
  • Early childhood best time to aquire habits and behaviors that last a lifetime.

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